Free Webinar about Unity 3D

On Saturday, May 13, Danto Games will give a free webinar in conjunction with Say-Qualy on videogame development. This webinar will be spoken in Spanish, since its our primary language, in the future we will consider doing it in english too.

New project for Arcade fans

We are excited to present our new game in development of racing through traffic! This game will take you back to the 80s, with their synthwave aesthetics, low poly graphics and a lot of action. In this game, you will have to dodge the traffic while you advance at full speed in your car, at the rhythm of exciting electronic music.

Developing Puzzle game

Hello everyone! We are excited to present our new game in development, a challenging puzzles game that we are creating to offer a unique experience and exciting to strategy games lovers and critical thinking. And best of all, it will be free!