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We are team of Game Developers who love making and playing them

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About Us

Our biggest goal is to entertain you

Hard work, experience, humor, and sometimes a couples hours of sleep

Those are the key elements to our workflow.

  • We are a small team from Argentina.
  • This dream started like many others, in a casual conversation while sharing some laughs. But everytime the topic came out, we realised that this is truly what we wanted with all of our energy.
  • Since the day that we came up with the name for our studio, we invested everything we could into making this possible!

We absolutely love videogames, they are a huuuge part of our lives. Thats why we also have a lot of respect for them, for their history and the form of art that they have become. Having that in mind at all times, we try to be as player friendly as possible.

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The most important things to us


A fun experience, fair mechanics, with the player likes in mind


No matter the genre, we want you to enjoy it to the fullest


Pay once, enjoy forever! We value your respect above your wallet


Our goal is to be there for you everytime you need us


Feel free to get in contact with us!

Daniel Aguerreberry

The Yin

Im passionate about books and videogames, with the amazing (or crazy) idea that if i combine both of my passions the result would be something worth to be remembered.

Joaquín Grachot

The Yang

Im half robot and half anxiety. Always scheming an ultra elaborated plan the achieve my expensive and crazy dreams.

Praise the sun!

Solaire of Astora

Dark Souls

Snake? Snake? SNAKE!

Roy Campbell

Metal Gear Solid

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

Random Guard


The cake is a lie

Previous Test Subjects


What is a man? A Miserable little pile of secrets!


Castlevania SotN

Partners and Friends


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